Your loyalty program

Whatever could be your program, FidMe can be connected to it, or it can recreate it.

Stamp card

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20 €
per POS /Month
45 €*
per POS /Month
Stamp-Kit for the check-out counter: Secured connected 'FidMe Smart Stamp', anti-slip pad for smartphones, carry strap
1 Stamp-Kit per POS (45€ for each further stamp needed)
* Setup fee : 50€
cross stamp
Number of loyalty cards per point of sale
Unlimited Unlimited
Access to your customer data
check check
Web-based management console for your CRM and Coupons
check check
Loyalty Cards and POS statistics, purchase history
check check
Analytics, tracking and statistics of your coupon campaigns
check check
Point of sale advertising-Kit
In-Store advertising of your mobile loyalty program (manual, flyers, A4-posters, stickers)
1 Kit per POS at registration. Reordering upon request (available on quotation)
Starter Kit
(available for download)
Expert Kit
(sent by post ready-to-use)
Click-to-Call, redirect links to your websites/social networks (in-app)
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Birthday feature:
> Reward your customers automatically on their birthday!
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Sponsoring feature:
> Automatically reward your customer who make their friends subscribe to your loyalty card!
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In-app notifications to your cardholders for new coupons and offers > Badge on the FidMe icon, FidMe News tab, Offer center, Offers of your loyalty card tab
Unlimited Unlimited

> Engage your customers with out-app notifications promoting new offers or coupons!
check check
SMS notifications to your cardholders
Existing database of customer phone data
cross 1 Ad campaign at the start
Advertising campaign to the entire FidMe user-Community
On FidMe Website, Blog and social network communities (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram)
cross 1 Ad publication at the start
Acquisition campaign to all 'FidMe Stamps' users
Emailing campaign, or local promotional push notification, or 7-day in-app visibility (banner display in the tab 'Stamps')
cross 1 Ad campaign /semester
Geofencing campaign (location-based push messages to customers passing by your POS)
Set up, tracking and reporting
cross Preferential rates
(on quotation)
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Barcode card or other

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300 to 500 € / month
Your loyalty card display
1D Barcode (any format), 2D Barcode (any format), Client ID, Member card
Connection between your CRM and FidMe
FidMe has no access to your customer information and we display such information through a secure web service.
on estimate
Coupons and discount display

Unlimited display
Display your coupons in the « Coupon center », on your card on the wallet homepage and under the details of your card.
Your coupons are gathered from your CRM Webservice.

Online coupons management and creation CMS
You dont have coupons in your CRM, or available webservices or you need to create additional coupons ? We give you online access to an online coupons creation interface to create a campaigns, target your cardlholders based on their profile details.

In-app notifications
Display notification for your new coupons within FidMe in the coupon center, but also in the « news section ». Unlimited.
0,10€ / display



Notifications Push campaigns (out-app)
Let your cardholders know when new offers or coupons are available in FidMe !
Balance account display
Display your customers balance account (on the FidMe wallet homepage and in the card details), whatever the unit is (point, smile’s, €, $, etc.)
Download or launching link of your app from FidMe
If you already have your own app, FidMe display a smart link to either propose your customer to download it (get new app users) or launch it if already installed (get more uses). Boost your digital strategy, available from the details of your card.
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